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Teeth Cleaning

I now offer teeth cleaning which is done during the grooming appointment. No more vet visits for tartar removal and teeth cleaning!

The ultra sound dog toothbrush has a highly effective cleaning effect compared to conventional dog toothbrushes - manual or electric.

The cleaning is based on ultrasound technology along with a specially developed, suitable for dogs - ultrasonic tooth gel. The air vibrations also encourage circulation and make thousands of nano bubbles which get into all the tiny gaps and pockets in the mouth to clean where debris gets stuck and can contribute to bad breath.

According to experts, conventional brushing is not suitable to prevent tartar. Many dog ​​owners say that their dogs do not accept toothbrushes, which is why dental care with conventional brushes is largely ineffective. Dental care with ultrasound is most effective for dogs as cleaning with air vibrations avoids movement and vibration without abrasive particles.

For an idea on appointments and costs:

First session £30

Sessions thereafter £15

Generally 2 - 5 sessions will remove tartar depending on how much build up there is.

A schedule for top up sessions will be agreed with the owner. Photo below showing results after first session.

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